Thank you! We’re grateful for your devotion to protecting Earth against the threats of climate change and pollution. And we’re grateful that you act on your convictions by giving generously of time and resources to Arizona Interfaith Power & Light.

We are also grateful for the gifts of our Mother/Sister Earth:  breathable air, drinkable water, nourishing food, and the Beauty that surrounds us and fills us. Today, those Holy gifts are threatened like never before.  Recent political tides in our country threaten to swamp the progress we’ve made to protect our fragile planet home.  That’s why your continuing help by year-end is so crucial.

As we prepare to push back with a full slate of activities in 2017, please stand with us once again—not in fear or anger, but in hope and gratitude.

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Gratitude is our common bond. It permeates the variety of religious traditions and mid-winter festivals we celebrate—Chanukah, Christmas, Solstice, Diwali, Kwanza.

So the season of giving thanks is very important to us, and at the heart of every Thanksgiving feast is the gift of abundant, nourishing food.

We are all hungry.  We all need to eat to survive and thrive.  But we can be sensitive to the planet even as we meet our needs. One of the best ways we can reduce our impact on the earth is by paying attention to our carbon “food-print.”  That is why we have chosen “Food Justice” as one of our primary goals for the year.

This Thanksgiving, as you gather with family and friends we invite you to talk about how your food choices and cutting your food waste will help the climate.


Click here to check out our IPL Green Thanksgiving Guide and try the Thanksgiving calculator to help you waste less food.


In this time of uncertainty about how our country will address climate change, Thanksgiving can be a time to come together and focus on the gifts of Creation.  At AZIPL this Thanksgiving season, are giving thanks for you, our network, our activists, our congregations, and our supporters.  You are sustaining this movement to build a new relationship with the Earth.  You are making a difference in so many ways:  from your table to your home to your house of worship.


We are grateful to call you partners in caring for Creation!


Rev. Doug Bland, Executive Director, AZIPL

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