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Creation Care Community Outreach at Dove of the Desert…

Dove of the Desert United Methodist Church   http://www.doveofthedesert.com/ The Board of Church and Society at Dove will be presenting “Global Warming - A Christian Perspective” on Saturday, November 10 in rooms 15/16 from 10:00 am - 2:30 pm. This presentation is the product of months of hard work and current research by members of [...]

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Invitation To Earth Care & Advocacy

A time for Action-As President T. Roosevelt said, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” Sounds like good advice even in this era. It seems likely that God created the goodness of the Earth for every creature, not every corporation. I challenge you to do more than talk, tweet, comment [...]

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Why Facts Are Not Enough…

Why Facts Are Not Enough. Dr. Hayhoe will speak at the University of Arizona on Wednesday, April 12, 7 pm, in Room N120, ENR2 Building (1064 E. Lowell St.)Join Dr. Hayhoe as she explores pathways to productive discussion about climate change: moving past the smokescreens to address the real objections and beginning conversations with values we share rather than facts [...]

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Which Comes First, the Chicken or the Egg?

-by Rev. Steven Davis In my case, it was the egg. Permit me to elaborate. My stepdaughter Lisa and I have the kind of relationship that lots of stepdaughters and stepfathers have. It is a tentative and sometimes treacherous relationship. I came into my daughter’s life (I usually omit the “step” step part) when she [...]

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Evangelicals and Climate Change

by Chris Schutte On October 3 of this year President Obama gave an update on the progress of his administration’s action to combat climate change. Among the many interesting  and important facts he shared, I’d like to highlight two. First, toward the end of his comments, the President said, “there are a lot of evangelicals [...]

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Why Buy Organic?

Many people buy organic foods because they are concerned about pesticide exposure, despite the fact that many studies https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Sign_at_the_Sonoma_Farmers_market_-_Stierch.jpg do not seem to demonstrate any nutritional advantage of one over the other. Numerous studies have failed to demonstrate health benefits one over the other.[1] Yet, one small and very recent study suggests that [...]

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Standing with Standing Rock

My body is still in Tempe, but my heart and mind are in North Dakota today.  Last week a call was issued for clergy from many faith traditions to come and stand witness with the Standing Rock Nation in its protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline.  This pipeline would carry oil from North Dakota to [...]

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‘To Till and To Tend:’ A Spiritual Approach to Climate Change

Rabbi Michael Wasserman of The New Shul in Scottsdale delivered this compelling sermon on Rosh Hashanah and has been gracious enough to share it with us. We are grateful for his generosity, and it is published in its entirety:     There is a paradox at the heart of Rosh Hashanah. On the one hand, [...]

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

A few years ago I was busy putting in an organic garden.  We had a backyard sand volleyball court, bordered by railroad ties, that had gone unused for 17 years.  Since it has been a goal of mine to get into organic gardening, I converted it to a garden. I’m from Indiana, and although I [...]

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Money is GREEN…

ARIZONA INTERFAITH POWER AND LIGHT ASKS YOU TO REMEMBER: MONEY IS GREEN! With actual currency being used less and less given the relative convenience of plastic, on-line checking, automatic deposits, deductions, bill payments, and even Bitcoin, it is easy to forget that MONEY IS GREEN.  At least half of it.  Half, or one side of [...]

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