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#FaithtoFord Campaign marks a victory for Clean Car Standards

Last week, IPL's #FaithtoFord campaign marked a victory when Ford andthree other automakers announced that they struck a deal with California to reject the Trump administration's attempt to gut the Clean Car Standards.IPL organized more than 4,000 people of faith like you to call on Ford Motor Company to stand by the Clean Car Standards [...]

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The Youth Climate Movement Webinar

On Fridays throughout the world this past year, students walked out of classrooms and went into the streets to compel action in addressing the climate crisis. What started as a one-person protest by Greta Thunberg has grown to a movement of millions in over 160 countries and at least 2000 locations. Youth are now calling [...]

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AZIPL Advocates for Renewable Energy

Arizona Interfaith Power & Light has been a presence at the Arizona Corporation Commission advocating for electric vehicles and a robust renewable energy standard.  Thanks to all of you who wrote letters supporting a renewable energy standard of 50% by 2030, 100% renewables by 2050. In addition, we've recently had two letters to the editor published [...]

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Arizona Interfaith Power & Light is joining with Solar United Neighbors to help those who are considering “going solar.” Interfaith Power & Light is joining with Solar United Neighbors to help those who are considering "going solar."  The East Valley Solar Co-op is supported by Solar United Neighbors, a nonprofit that has helped more than 3,900 homeowners go solar nationwide. If you're interested in going solar, this is the perfect opportunity for you to get technical [...]

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