#FaithtoFord Campaign marks a victory for Clean Car Standards

Published by Doug Bland on

Last week, IPL’s #FaithtoFord campaign marked a victory when Ford and
three other automakers announced that they struck a deal with California to reject the Trump administration’s attempt to gut the Clean Car Standards.
IPL organized more than 4,000 people of faith like you to call on Ford Motor Company to stand by the Clean Car Standards and our message is getting through!

Ford’s decision to break with other major U.S. automakers in favor of cleaner vehicles shows the power of the U.S. faith community. In making the deal with California, Ford agreed to much stronger standards than the Trump administration is proposing. While we still have work to do to push automakers to achieve the Clean Car Standards as adopted by the Obama administration, this is a big step forward.

The progress we are making with Ford Motor Company reminds us that the moral voice is a powerful one. When people from all religions come together, we can move mountains. With the IPL network reaching more than 22,000 congregations, we can make a BIG impact. Together, we have the power to prevent the worst impacts of climate change and leave a planet where our children and grandchildren can thrive.


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