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My household/my faith community will continue to work to protect creation regardless of what the U.S. federal government does. We are still committed to fighting global warming, we are keeping the faith, and we’re still in!

Global warming is a moral issue we are compelled to address. We will continue to reduce our carbon emissions to ensure that the U.S. collectively can meet or exceed the Paris agreement goals.

Together, we are greening our houses of worship and making them more energy efficient. We are saving energy at home and installing solar panels on our rooftops. We are creating more sustainable grounds and gardens.  And we’re reaching out to inspire, engage, and educate the communities we live in.

Our faith compels us to protect Creation, love our neighbor, and create a better world for our children. We will do all we can in our homes, our houses of worship, and our communities to meet the goals of the Paris agreement. And then we’ll help our neighbors do the same.

We’re Still In!

We’re still in Paris