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Community Gardeners of Phoenix-Maricopa County

In our continuing AZIPL series on community gardens, here is a collaboration that you should know about. CGMC is providing support and encouragement to all levels of community gardens, from novice to those growing their own foods for years.  The organization consists of about 50 members from across the Valley. Member gardens include traditional community [...]

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Community Garden at the Beatitudes Campus

The folks at the Beatitudes Campus on Glendale Avenue have developed a wonderful community garden. They have creatively used space along an exterior wall  to grow all sorts of vegetables and greens, depending on the season.  They even won an award from the Desert Botanical Garden! They provide food to the Open Door Fellowship and [...]

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Eco-Activism: VOLUNTEER Opportunities with AZIPL

I know that you are concerned with the threats against the environment. And I suspect you wonder what you can do.  We at AZIPL encourage you to join the climate change movement!  There is no more urgent time than the present. You read our newsletter; you follow us on Facebook; and many of your donate [...]

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Climate Change Under Attack/Host an AZIPL House Party

In these unsettling times over the care of our planet Earth, help us spread the word of your work and that of AZIPL.  Host an AZIPL House Party!  Thanks to our friends in the South Mountain neighborhood, Mark Goldstein and Liz Warren, for hosting our first house party.  Good conversation, music and even storytelling  Brief [...]

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Members of the Casa C4C ministry (The Care for Creation Ministry at the Franciscan Renewal Center) are meeting with the Scottsdale Mission Montessori school to determine how C4C can work with the Mission school to expand this program to other schools in the State of Arizona.   ___________________________________________________ "These interlocking "Montessori Sustainable Environment K-College Demonstration [...]

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The River Runs Through It

The other day I participated with wife Jane and so many others as part of the nationally orchestrated “Protection of Water stand in opposition to the Dakota Access Pipe Line.  I did so out of solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux and other indigenous and their allies who have endured so much over the centuries in [...]

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Which Comes First, the Chicken or the Egg?

-by Rev. Steven Davis In my case, it was the egg. Permit me to elaborate. My stepdaughter Lisa and I have the kind of relationship that lots of stepdaughters and stepfathers have. It is a tentative and sometimes treacherous relationship. I came into my daughter’s life (I usually omit the “step” step part) when she [...]

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We are so thankful for YOU!

Thank you! We’re grateful for your devotion to protecting Earth against the threats of climate change and pollution. And we’re grateful that you act on your convictions by giving generously of time and resources to Arizona Interfaith Power & Light. We are also grateful for the gifts of our Mother/Sister Earth:  breathable air, drinkable water, [...]

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Seed, The Untold Story

Join others this coming Monday, November 21 at 7:30 pm at Tempe Marketplace 16 for the showing of "Seed, The Untold Story".  We need to increase our awareness of the entire food system.  It is logical to start with seeds.  In the last century, alone, 94% of our seed varieties have disappeared.  Follow these seed [...]

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Cultivate South Phoenix

How do you transform a food desert into a food oasis?  Check out the plans of Cultivate South Phoenix. This neighborhood-based partnership is leasing an 18-acre site from the Roosevelt School District to help transform that area.  This incubator farm initiative will provide fresh, affordable produce for the neighborhood and a living wage for small [...]

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