In these unsettling times over the care of our planet Earth, help us spread the word of your work and that of AZIPL.  Host an AZIPL House Party!  Thanks to our friends in the South Mountain neighborhood, Mark Goldstein and Liz Warren, for hosting our first house party.  Good conversation, music and even storytelling  Brief updates on AZIPL.   Informal and warm.

Wondering what you can do to counter all the recent negative stories on climate change in the political arena? Host an AZIPL House Party!   It’s easy.  You just need to find someone who has a house that can accommodate 10-20 people, perhaps inside and outside.  No costs to them or you. You can share a film (with an environmental theme or food justice) that we can even loan you. Someone is doing a book discussion (a novel about climate impacts) with the local author. Your group decides.  You can reach out to the neighborhood, faith friends, etc.  Maybe even partner with some other congregations in the general area.  AZIPL will have a representative there. And we encourage a free will donation to AZIPL.

Together we can expand participation with AZIPL, assisting in our mission to mobilize people of faith in Arizona to reduce the causes of global climate change through education, advocacy, action and spiritual reflection.

LET’S PARTY for climate change.  Contact the Office at to let us know of  your interest and we will get back to you!

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