Members of the Casa C4C ministry (The Care for Creation Ministry at the Franciscan Renewal Center) are meeting with the Scottsdale Mission Montessori school to determine how C4C can work with the Mission school to expand this program to other schools in the State of Arizona.


“These interlocking “Montessori Sustainable Environment K-College Demonstration Lessons” are designed to save both lives and the beautiful environment of our planet Earth. The scope of these hands-on lessons covers our basic human needs for organic food, clean water, renewable energy, and affordable solar adobe housing, all produced on an household scale.  They emphasize simple, inexpensive, low-tech, labor intensive, and Locally Produced Hands-on Solutions to increasingly serious global problems,while always empowering children, older students, and adults with a hopeful and joyful educational experience. The lessons help to build a solid work ethic, holistic health habits, character development, interdependent cooperation, systems thinking, as well as a profound sense of personal and global responsibility.  When used together as a whole, they show how to save lives on our planet by doing More with Less, yet always using Nature as a Model. They thereby produce no “Unintended Consequences”, which are the root causes of many of our current global environmental crises.    These Sustainable Systems Demonstrations are student-built, filmed, and edited, and are full of love and wonder.  We even have produced accompanying lesson plans for teachers!  Time is of the essence for our planet, so please enjoy our students’ work, learn these skills yourself, and then be part of sharing them with other schools and communities worldwide.”The Scottsdale Mission Montessori school has an excellent sustainability program that includes all the elements mentioned in this text.


Mike Mulroy

AZIPL Board Member

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