The Environmental Protection Agency pushed back their public comment deadline on the proposal to limit carbon emissions at new power plants. We now have until May 9 to make sure they hear us – and we need your help.

Right now, there are absolutely no limits on the amount of carbon pollution power plants can spew into our air. That’s why these groundbreaking standards are so crucial.

These proposed safeguards would mean new plants can emit no more than 60 percent of today’s average coal plant.

But to make it happen, we urgently need your help to protect Creation for future generations.

Click here to stand with IPL today and add your voice in enthusiastic support of these vital EPA proposals to fight carbon pollution from new power plants.

The average power plant built today will be in use for decades to come. We need new plants to be built with the best possible technology to minimize pollution. This is an essential step in protecting our children from catastrophic climate change.

The EPA will only accept public comments on these proposed standards until May 9. It’s up to people like you and me, members of the faith community, to speak out on this incredibly important moral issue.

Opponents like Big Coal will keep trying to weaken or block the EPA’s action in Congress, but a strong showing of support from all of us will help protect it. Please join me in telling the EPA to push ahead with the proposed safeguards for new power plants. 

Can I count on you to take action right now?

Click here to join IPL to urge the EPA to move forward with new power plant safeguards before the comment period closes and we’ll deliver your letter to the EPA.

Thank you!
 Susan Stephenson

Executive Director, IPL

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