This morning we as faith-based climate change activists woke up to some difficult news:  By a narrow margin, our nation has elected a President who believes that climate change is a “hoax” and members of the Senate and the House of Representatives who deny the reality of climate change.  We fear what will become of God’s Earth under the leadership of those who do not seem to take stewardship of the Earth seriously. We fear what will become of the least of these—the widow, the orphan, and the poor, to use a biblical metaphor—as climate change progresses. We know they are already the first and hardest hit by massive storms and heat waves in our own country, and that overseas they are also the first affected by food shortages and drought.

The difficulty of achieving our climate change goals does not relieve us of responsibility for caring for God’s Earth and for God’s people. Fortunately, as people of faith we have deep wellsprings of traditional resources to draw upon to fortify our resolve during these challenging times. And most importantly, we have each other. Arizona Interfaith Power and Light is an organization that gathers people from all faiths: Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Native American to name just a few. We bring together people of all races and ethnicities for the purposes of creating a more just and sustainable Arizona.

If you are disappointed about the election results, we encourage you to take action. Join with us in ways large and small because we will need all hands on deck in order to make progress on reducing greenhouse gases.

  • Here are some ways you can help:
  • Send us your original .jpg of Arizona’s natural beauty or your own backyard for use in our greeting cards fundraiser
  • Host a house party with 8-12 of your friends to begin building community and invite us to speak
  • Assist with planning one of the many events we have planned for the coming year
  • Help set up at events
  • Staff an information table at an event
  • Contribute content for posting on our blog (Spiritual Reflection, Education, Action or Advocacy-oriented)
  • Contribute your expertise in bookkeeping, website management, note taking, or even legislative research
  • Donate to AZIPL on our website: (even $5 is appreciated, and it might make you feel hopeful!)
  • Share this blog with friends in a personal email or on Facebook to help spread the word!

Thank you for your support of AZIPL and please let us know how we can support you as we all adjust to this shocking and sad (for our climate) news.



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