We invite you to gather in downtown Phoenix next week to bear witness to the real, lived experience of those facing racism and injustice and to speak truth to power.  Recent events in Charlottesville and the subsequent national response have again brought to the forefront our country’s shameful history on these issues.  Let faith give us the strength to commit ourselves to protect a diverse humanity and all of creation.  As people of faith, our presence and our voices need to be heard.  Now is the time to find courage to put our love into action.

We believe a wide range of groups and individuals will be gathering this Tuesday, the 22nd, near the Phoenix Convention Center (in the vicinity of Monroe and Second Streets) from around 5 p.m. to 7 p. m. and perhaps beyond.  Stay tuned to monitor if the rally inside the Convention Center is, in fact, cancelled.  See you there!


Arizona Interfaith Power and Light actively works for climate justice.  To that end, we advocate on behalf of all God’s creatures to move towards a more sustainable, just and peaceful planet.

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