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Global warming seems so daunting.  Recent hurricanes and wildfires and even drought underscore a planet in peril.  Climate change is a reality and its effects are present NOW.

With the rollbacks on the fossil fuel front by the Trump Administration, not to mention the muzzling of scientists within EPA on climate change, it is no wonder that we are angered, frustrated and despondent.  What are we to do?

Many of us with AZIPL are being proactive on a regular basis – from signing petitions, to calling on political leaders, to educating within our communities,  to protesting in the streets.  These actions are valuable and necessary.

But frankly, individual action is not enough.  Protests don’t happen on their own.  Petition and calling campaigns require organization.  Spreading the word, increasing awareness, raising our voices in unison, all require organization.

There are many fine groups engaged in this fight to care for the Earth, our common home.  I know many of you, like myself, donate to several.  Yet, there is only one state-wide,  faith-based organization in our State solely committed to combatting the disastrous impacts of climate change.  Arizona Interfaith Power and Light.  And we need your financial support to continue that education and resistance.

The voices of the interfaith community need to be heard.  We at AZIPL are committed to representing this compelling, faith-based perspective and to providing numerous opportunities to gather together to discuss, plan and act upon our calling to save this planet.

The Board of AZIPL, currently a passionate core of 9 members, has and continues to provide countless hours of service to this cause.  And this Board has been a faithful steward through generous giving over the past several years.  We need YOUR support to continue this work in 2018.  As the end of the year, non-profit giving campaigns begin in November, across our community and nation, please consider making a gift to AZIPL.  I would urge you to respond as you are able. I have found using PayPal on our website to be easy and giving on a recurring, monthly basis helps my monthly budgeting.

It is not too stark or dramatic to argue that without your donation, the health of our planet and our species is at great peril and risk of extinction.  Working together, we can be a beacon of hope, resiliency and protest during these dangerous times.

My faith calls me to pray to God for the care and protection of the Earth.  Moreover, it calls me to act on that faith; to act with others in beloved community on behalf of an ailing planet and for future generations, including my two beautiful granddaughters, Silvi and Tula.  Without individuals acting and providing gifts to support the climate change movement, we will fall short.  And that is not acceptable.  So, that’s my simple declaration of faith.  WHAT’S YOURS?


Patrick Grady

Board President, Arizona Interfaith Power and Light

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