Now is the time to invest?  Is this a posting from AZIPL or Morgan Stanley? It’s a message from AZIPL, appealing for your donation, or investment, in our work, in our shared climate change mission on behalf of the interfaith community.  We are short of our matching grant requirement. Your one dollar of investment doubles!

We invest in our homes. We pledge funds to our congregations. We invest in college funds. We invest to help care for our family. Why not invest in God’s Earth, Mother Earth, or simply the planet, whatever term you use?  AZIPL is committed to protecting the health of our planet, caring for our “common home”.

We do this in a number of ways, with a very active Board and an even more energetic leader and Executive Director, Doug Bland.  Do you know Doug?  He is the “face” of AZIPL throughout the Valley and across the State. Did you know he recently retired as pastor of Tempe Community Christian Church? I use “retired” loosely, very loosely! In 2018 he will officially devote 20 hours a week to AZIPL, and, as most of us know, likely much more.  He is currently working on about 6-8 events and speaking engagements and that’s just January and February!  From Tucson to Flagstaff. This good man of passionate faith doesn’t just represent AZIPL, he represents the larger interfaith community. He has also been serving this year on the board of national Interfaith Power and Light. That’s an honor for him and for all of us at AZIPL.  He continues to be an inspiration to me, personally, and to all with whom he collaborates or even touches through his words.

We greatly appreciate your support at workshops, events, marches and rallies; and your willingness to write to political leaders at the state and national levels. This increasing level of activism, in the face of continuing threats to our environment,  a witness to your faith and an affirmation to the volunteers of AZIPL.

We simply ask that you consider investing in Doug’s personal ministry and the long-term sustainability of AZIPL. When you see the email and snail mail request in late December, won’t you consider making that investment?  Or make it NOW.  Click on this link DONATE and it will take you to our donation page. In these troublesome times, how much are we willing to give to ensure that the voice of the faith community is at the forefront of our continuing struggle to save our planet?

Blessings to you during this Holiday season,

Patrick Grady, AZIPL Board President

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