Thank you, thank you, thank you.  We are blessed to announce that your end-of-the-year giving enabled us to meet our Challenge Grant goal! By raising over $15,000, we will soon receive a matching contribution from our national group, Interfaith Power and Light, in the amount of $15,000!

With your support, as you can see in our recent newsletters, we are able in 2018 to deepen our outreach into the faith community on the issue of climate change.  Climate change is indeed a reality.  It is not a partisan issue.  Poll after poll, including those conducted in Arizona, show numbers in the 70% range that acknowledge that reality and the role we humans play.  Now, we can play a role in reducing the causes of climate change across our State and the country.

We hope that you will continue to lift up AZIPL in your prayers.  And continue to be active donors in our fundraising campaigns.  We hope that in 2018, you will consider perhaps even spreading your faithful contributions over the year, providing AZIPL with a more sustainable revenue stream.  Again, thank you all for the generous outpouring of giving throughout 2017.  This work, our work together, is an important and vital response to God’s call and to the cries we all hear from the Earth, itself.  Blessings to you all in this new year.  The Board of Arizona Interfaith Power and Light

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