Today was the official beginning of the Temple Chai First grade Sunday School Garden program.  It was a very appropriate date since we are in Genesis studying Creation.

And from the darkness, the void, came all life. And in our Star garden, we all removed the black plastic that was our poison-free attempt to kill the invasive grass, and prepared the garden for new life.

The children each were given a gardening carryall which they decorated, and a spade and garden gloves to use this year. Most of them seemed to enjoy tearing out grass and splashing in the mud that our amazing rainy day had created. A few were probably dismayed by the mud, hopefully the new growth coming will be engaging!

It was a delight to be able to enjoy the outdoors again, and to see a new group begin to make a relationship with our Star Garden. It feels very meaningful to keep our connection with those represented by the commemorative bricks that line the Star. And to help our kids feel a physical energy with the earth, the plants and insects, something that awakens an appreciation of the miracle of life in all of us.

So keep an eye on the garden spaces, they will be transforming. The teens will be helping us in the big garden 10/14. And any congregants who want to share in this magic can join us!   We can always use your help.

Nona Siegel

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J. P. Smith · November 30, 2018 at 10:55 am

Congratulations on breathing new life into the garden! It’s not glamorous, but it does have a positive effect on everyone. We perked up our group of kids by allowing them to install earthworms in the garden. Lots of squeals and laughter!

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