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Your Voice is Needed – Important Electric Vehicle Vote Coming Up!

Our state’s utility commission, known as the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC), is currently considering a new electric vehicle ( ) (EV) policy.  The proposed policy opens the door for investment in EV infrastructure and programs. Unfortunately, Arizona is lagging behind neighboring states in expanding infrastructure that is critical to bringing more EVs to our roads. 

On July 11, the ACC will vote on whether to move forward with expanding this critical EV infrastructure in Arizona. We strongly encourage you to submit a letter in favor of this electric vehicle policy before the upcoming July 11 vote. To do so, please write a letter (hand-written or typed) and send to Doug Bland, Executive Director,, who can assist with submitting your comments to the ACC. You will want to make sure you have clearly labeled at the top of your letter Docket No. RU-00000A-18-0284.

Now is the time for Arizona to step up and to be a leader in electric vehicles. Write your letter to the ACC to express support today.  Key points to highlight in your letter to Commissioners (please do not copy and paste, modify in your own words):

  1. Utilities need to serve a more significant role in enabling the growth of Arizona’s transportation electrification market and EV charging infrastructure.
  2. If utilities have more EV charging stations/chargers in use during off-peak hours of the day, it could create downward pressure on electric rates.
  3. Utilities should create EV pilot programs in which Arizonans benefit. 
  4. EVs provide many economic (and health and environmental) benefits.
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