We urge you to join us in advocating for renewable energy and energy efficacy. Please consider adapting the letter below.  You can make it your own.  Email the letter todoug.bland@azipl.org by July 27th, before the July 30thhearing at the Arizona Corporation Commission, and we will deliver it for you. 

Also, we encourage you to attend the Stakeholder Hearing at 10 am on Tuesday, July 30th at the Arizona Corporation Commission, 1200 W. Washington St., Phoenix.  The more who gather to advocate for renewable energy and energy efficacy, the better our chances of success.

Here is a model letter that you can use or adapt:

Chairman Bob Burns
Commissioner Lea Márquez Peterson
Commissioner Boyd Dunn
Commissioner Justin Olson
Commissioner Sandra Kennedy

As a person of faith and conscience, I write to encourage you to vote for a robust Renewable Energy Standard and Tariff (REST) and Electric Energy Efficiency Standard (EEES). I join with other Joint Stakeholders to advocate for:

     100% clean energy by 2045
     50% renewable energy by 2030
     10% distributed energy by 2030 and
     35% cumulative energy efficiency savings by 2030

My name is ______.  As a (Roman Catholic/Muslim/Jew/ etc.), my faith teaches me that it is important to take bold steps to protect (God’s Creation/our precious planet home, etc.).  Our children’s future depends on decisive action to reduce carbon pollution and take advantage of Arizona’s sunshine.  The REST and EEES rules have saved utility ratepayers money, reduced water use, created new, clean energy jobs and helped protect our environment.

A standard of 100% clean energy by 2045 is consistent with policies developed across the Western United States. (1.)  It is achievable and necessary to address the impacts of climate change. 

Energy efficiency saves ratepayers money, energy and water. At the same time EEES has stimulated the local economy, created jobs and reduced air pollutants—all cost-effectively.  .

Thank you for your consideration.  For the sake of the health of people and our planet, I urge you to vote for strong standards for energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Your Name
Your Address

  1. The following standards have been adopted: Nevada:  50% renewable by 2030 and 100% clean by 2050; New Mexico:  50% renewable by 2030, 80% renewable by 2040, and 100% zero-carbon by 2045; Oregon:  50% renewable by 2040; Washington:  100% clean by 2045; California:  100% clean energy by 2045.


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